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Carefully Connecting Your New Fiber Internet

10:33AM April 16, 2019

Dropping the "drops" under the ground. We carefully hand dig some areas and smooth out the rest. 

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Game On! Christmas Fiber in Wilbur + Video

4:56PM January 10, 2019

Watch the Video.   

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Racoon Lake: New Zones Exploring the Possibilities

8:48AM December 13, 2018


Racoon Lake Residents actively pursuing fiber Internet Service. 

Map of the area now demonstrates new grouping of the Phase 1 area. 

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Wilbur's First Customer

11:00AM December 07, 2018


Is Santa bringing fiber Internet for Christmas? What a nice present!  Watch Videos of Installations & Speed Tests. 

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We are working in Wilbur Now!

1:29PM September 13, 2018

Hello! Ridiculously Fast Fiber in Wilbur We are rolling out the fiber lines.  

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Barry Knoll

4:57PM June 21, 2018

Barry Knoll in Danville, IN has received fiber services. If you are in the area and still wish to connect please contact us. 

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Construction Crews at Work

2:54PM June 21, 2018

We have crews over many of our areas. Check the map. 

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Spencer High-Speed Internet

8:58AM April 09, 2018

Spencer has Endeavor Fiber. Turn out for our GigaGrill party and new customers joining was outstanding. 

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Excellent Event at Goat Hollow!

8:17AM March 19, 2018

What an outstanding launch event for Goat Hollow! Now, you have Endeavor Fiber Internet. The area is now fairly complete. If looking for service in this area give our customer service representatives a call. 1-800-922-6677

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Goat Hollow Road

6:55PM March 04, 2018

Hope to see you there!  

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Why Endeavor?

6:51PM March 04, 2018

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Heritage Lake Area are you Ready for Fast Internet Speeds and Incredible Customer Service? The Wait is Over! Give us a Call Today!

6:46PM January 21, 2018

Heritage Lake now has Endeavor Internet. The main part of the lake is covered. Areas to the south, we need to hear from you. 

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