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Racoon Lake: New Zones Exploring the Possibilities

8:48AM December 13, 2018

Area residents have met with Endeavor and explored the possibilities of bringing fiber Internet to the community.  After meeting with the Vice President in charge of our crews, a map was designed to show what homes would be grouped together in order to measure the interest needed for a project to be given a green light. The areas are now realigned and some areas have new phase numbers. This map is updated as of Dec 13, 2018. 

Each zone is dependent on the previous zone having a "take rate" (level of interest) that would move this into the realm of possibilities for a future build.

Below this area pictured above is Rocky Fork.  Rocky Fork has solid response and numbers. Finding residents to register in Phase 1 area (green & turquoise)  is now important to keeping progress moving forward. 

Help the effort out by sharing on Next Door or other social media platforms to let your neighbors know they can also register interest here. 

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