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Zones In Service

GREEN: Ready? Go! We are installing in your area. Your action? Get registered for service if you haven't. If you have then pause, we open areas in sections. YELLOW: Trucks are rolling but wait, we will contact you when it's your turn. BLUE: The engineers are investigating. Once approved colors move to yellow. ORANGE: We need as many residents of the zone to register interest like you may be doing now. Watch as colors change to see what is happening in your area/zone.

Montclair (E)

Fiber Opportunity

Montclair (D)

Fiber Opportunity

Montclair (C)

Fiber Opportunity

Montclair (A)

Fiber Opportunity

Monrovia MFX

Fiber Opportunity

Linton Wireless Zone

Wireless Service Available

New Maysville South Area

New Maysville South Area 2021

Fillmore Area South

Fillmore Area South 2021

North Salem Rural East

North Salem East 2021

Hazelwood Area

Fiber Opportunity

Maplewood Area

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

Pittsboro West

Fiber Opportunity

Pittsboro East

Fiber Opportunity

Heritage Lake North

Fiber Opportunity

Heritage Lake South

Fiber Opportunity

Raccoon Lake Phase 4

Fiber Opportunity

Raccoon Lake Phase 1

Fiber Opportunity

Mooresville Rural

Fiber Opportunity

Wilbur Lake Edewood

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

New Winchester

Fiber Opportunity

Rocky Fork Lake

Fiber Opportunity

HP IN-39 & 200 N

Fiber Opportunity

HP Montclair

Fiber Opportunity

Spencer Rural West

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

Mt. Meridian

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

Little Hurricane Area

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

Danville Barry Knoll

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

Berean Rd Edge Out

Fiber Opportunity


Fiber Opportunity

Zones Interest Gathering

Starting a build depends on interest. Your action is needed. Make sure you've registered your interest. Keep watching, checking in to see if your zone changes. Be patient and get friends to sign up. We want to serve your area.

Raccoon Lake Phase 3

117% to goal

Fillmore Area North

Fillmore Area North 2022

Raccoon Lake Phase 2

99% to goal | 1 more customers needed

Danville Town

88% to goal | 59 more customers needed

Locust Lake Area

Gathering Interest


62% to goal | 66 more customers needed

New Maysville North Area

New Maysville North Area 2022

Bainbridge Town

Gathering Interest

North Salem Area North

North Salem Area North 2023

Linton LA-H

41% to goal | 20 more customers needed


Gathering Interest

Linton LA-G

39% to goal | 34 more customers needed

Linton LA-K

37% to goal | 36 more customers needed

Linton LA-E

33% to goal | 26 more customers needed

Linton LA-A

32% to goal | 39 more customers needed


31% to goal | 376 more customers needed

Linton LA-B

31% to goal | 40 more customers needed

Linton LA-L

26% to goal | 14 more customers needed

Linton LA-F

22% to goal | 27 more customers needed

Linton LA-J

22% to goal | 39 more customers needed

Mooresville Town

22% to goal | 390 more customers needed

Wilbur South

Gathering Interest

Linton LA-C

20% to goal | 42 more customers needed

Linton LA

16% to goal | 45 more customers needed

Linton LA-D

16% to goal | 31 more customers needed


5% to goal | 79 more customers needed